The primary mission of AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs is to assist participants in pursuing excellence in laboratory services through external quality control program assessment and to promote the practice of proficiency testing both nationally and internationally.

AIHA PAT Programs provide participants with the opportunity to improve and refine the analytical skills of their staff, while testing new procedures or training different analysts.  These programs, which are open to any interested participants, allow a participant to demonstrate their ability to correctly analyze samples in the workplace and the environment.​​​




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7/1/2015 ELPAT Air 92 Round Opens
7/1/2015 EMPAT 57 Round Closes
7/1/2015 IHPAT 202 Round Opens
7/1/2015 IHPAT DFS 200 Round Opens
7/8/2015 EMPAT DE 43 Round Opens
7/10/2015 BAPAT 103 Results Post
7/15/2015 EMPAT DE 43 Round Closes
7/31/2015 BePAT 38 Round Closes
7/31/2015 ELPAT 91-R Retest Round Closes
7/31/2015 EMPAT DE 43 Results Post
8/3/2015 ELPAT Air 92 Round Closes
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