AIHA PAT Programs Board: Call for Nominations/Applications

AIHA PAT Programs Board:  Call for Nominations/Applications

The AIHA PAT Programs Board is accepting applications for the 2014 term.  The PAT board is a volunteer group of subject matter experts that provides input to staff on the technical processes of the AIHA PAT Programs and works with staff to ensure the scientific integrity of the programs in accordance with documented duties and responsibilities.

Participation on the PAT Board carries with it a significant amount of responsibility and effort. In return, PAT board members have the opportunity to participate in an important process, contribute to the profession, and to work with some outstanding industry leaders.

We welcome applications from laboratory data producers, laboratory data users, and regulators of the laboratory industry.

General Governance

The AIHA PAT Programs Board consists of up to 14 members, appointed by the AIHA PAT Programs Managing Director.  PAT Board members are appointed by the Managing Director to a one-year term of office, with the option for reappointment by the Managing Director for an additional two years.  Terms begin and end on a calendar year rotation.

Officer terms are one year for each position of Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair.  The Vice Chair is elected annually to a one-year term by a quorum of all current PAT Board members.  The Vice Chair rotates to the position of Chair and the current Chair rotates to Past Chair on January 1.  The executive committee consists of the Chair, Past Chair, and Vice Chair.

Minimum Candidate Qualifications

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial hygiene, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology or other scientific discipline from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Have engaged in analytical laboratory activities (analysis or interpretation of data) as a primary work duty for at least three years.
  • Any member of the AIHA PAT Board who is an AIHA PAT Programs participant must be a participant in good standing.  PAT Board members do not need to be current participants in any of the AIHA PAT Programs.

General Responsibilities

  • Attend up to two in-person meetings annually
    • The primary meeting generally takes place in the first quarter of the year at AIHA’s Falls Church VA office.
    • A second meeting may be scheduled if needed, generally in third quarter of the year, again at AIHA’s Falls Church VA office.
  • Participate in conference calls and online discussions throughout the year to address pressing issues that cannot be deferred until the next in-person meeting
  • Participate in and contribute to ad hoc task forces appointed by the PAT Board or its chair to electronically or otherwise vote on matters requiring PAT Board vote and to participate in conference calls as requested
  • Technically review PAT round data before it is released to participants

Duties of Board members take approximately 15 hours per month.  AIHA PAT Programs will cover reasonable travel costs for in-person meetings, though we do encourage Board members to seek employer sponsorship of travel expenses.  If appointed, candidates must participate in an online orientation session before involvement in any PAT Board activities and execute a confidentiality agreement and conflict of interest statement.

Application Process

Submit your resume or CV electronically, along with a brief statement of why you are seeking appointment to the AIHA PAT Programs Board and how your particular areas of expertise and interest can assist the AIHA PAT Programs mission, to:

Mary Ann Latko, CAE, CIH, CSP, QEP
Managing Director
AIHA PAT Programs

+1 703.846.0786

Applications must be received by 01 September 2013 in order to be considered.  All completed applications will be reviewed by AIHA PAT Programs staff and current Board members.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Ann directly by phone or email.

Published: 07/16/2013