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January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New​​ Year!

AIHA PAT Programs hopes that all of our participants enjoyed a joyous holiday season and wishes everyone a very happy New Year!


2017 Invoices​ Now Available

Please note that all 2017 annual invoices were mailed out on November 18, 2016.  The invoice was generated based on your organization’s c​urrent participation in the AIHA PAT Programs.  Payment terms are NET 30 Days for all annual invoices unless special payment arrangements are made.  Any past due invoice on file will result in samples and results being held due to nonpayment.  Please contact Anthony Hodge at​ if you have not received your invoice, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your invoice.  

Now Accepting PAT Board Ap​plications 

Are you a PAT participant with expertise to share? Do you want to assist AIHA PAT Programs in a technical capacity? AIHA PAT Programs is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the PAT Board. Please review the PAT Board Roles and Responsibilities and PAT Board Governance​ to see if this is an opportunity that interests you. Applications will be accepted through January 16, 2017.​

Technology T​ransition

AIHA PAT Programs is planning to move into a new data management system in 2017. Please take the time to ensure that you have saved a copy of all pertinent PAT Reports out of the current data portal. Once the transition takes place, only reports that have been generated in the new system will be available for download.

2017 Upcoming Analytes

The IHPAT upcoming analytes list has been finalized for rounds in 2017.​ This list includes information on which organics will be included in upcoming rounds as well as which background matrix will be used for silica samples. 

2017 Progra​m Schedule

The 2017 Program Schedule has been released! You can read the schedule here

PAT Program ​Participant Satisfaction Survey

The AIHA PAT Programs Participant Satisfaction Survey is now open! We ask that all of our participants please respond to this survey as we strive to provide the best service for our customers. We value the feedback our participants share and recognize we cannot make improvements without their help.

FEATURED PROGRAM - ​Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (BAPAT) 

The BAPAT is a proficiency testing program serves as an external quality assurance program for laboratories analyzing bulk building materials by polarized light microscopy (PLM). It is designed to provide bulk audit samples on a quarterly basis, and to provide a means by which a laboratory can evaluate its ability to characterize bulk materials. The program is both qualitative and semiquantitative in nature. Learn more about the BAPAT program here.


The Many Uses and Hazards of Peracetri​c Acid

Peracetic acid (CAS No. 79-21-0), also known as peroxyacetic acid or PAA, is an organic chemical compound used in numerous applications, including chemical disinfectant in healthcare, sanitizer in the food industry, and disinfectant during water treatment. Peracetic acid has also previously been used during the manufacture of chemical intermediates for pharmaceuticals. Produced by... 

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Proposed EPA Solvent Rule Spurs Disput​es on Scie​nce, Law

Disputes about the adequacy of Environmental Protection Agency risk assessments have begun following the agency's release of a proposed rule to ban two uses of a solvent. The proposed rule, released Dec. 7, would ban... 

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What are the requirements for the B​APAT program?

Each round, laboratories are required to classify samples of bulk building materials as asbestos-containing or not, and to identify the asbestos type(s) present in the samples. In addition, participants are asked to provide semi-quantitative estimates of the amount of asbestos present, and identification and semi-quantitation of other fibrous and nonfibrous components of the samples, where possible. Evaluation of the laboratory's performance is based on sample classification, asbestos identification and semiquantitation of the asbestos type(s). Get more of your BAPAT FAQs answered here.​


  • 1/11/2017 EMPAT Culture 61 Retest - Retest Results Post
  • 1/11/2017 EMPAT Direct Exam 49 - Round Closes
  • 1/13/2017 BePAT 42 Retest - Retest Opens
  • 1/16/2017 ELPAT Air 97 Retest - Retest Results Post
  • 1/16/2017 IHPAT 207 Retest - Retest Results Post
  • 2/10/2017 BePAT 42 Retest - Retest Closes
  • 2/24/2017 BePAT 42 Retest - Retest Results Post​

View all upcoming dates here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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