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October 2017 Newsletter


Now Accepting PAT Board Applications

Are you a PAT participant with expertise to share? Do you want to assist AIHA PAT Programs in a technical capacity? AIHA PAT Programs is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the PAT Board. Please review the PAT Board Roles and Responsibilities and PAT Board Governance to see if this is an opportunity that interests you. Applicationswill be accepted through November 30, 2017. 


AIHA PAT Programs will be emailing Annual Invoices over the next few weeks. The program invoices were generated based on current enrollment. Participants are invoiced through an auto-renewal billing system and billed in advance of the next year. 

Please note that invoicing terms are net 30 days. Instructions to make enrollment changes and for payment options will be provided with the invoice. Only individuals listed as an organization’s Billing Contact or Administrator will have access to the enrollment page to make changes until December 01, 2017, when the enrollment window closes.

Please ensure that your email information is accurate and contact Anthony Hodge if you have any questions regarding your invoice.

Intern​al Audit

On October 4–6, 2017, AIHA PAT Programs conducted an internal audit, as required by ISO 17043: 2010 – Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing. AIHA PAT Programs strives for continuous improvement and recognizes the opportunity an annual internal audit provides to accomplish this goal. No nonconformities were found with the PAT Programs system but a handful of opportunities for improvement were identified. PAT Programs staff is already hard at work addressing the findings. Next up – Management Review!

Technology T​ransition

Log In!

By now, you should have received an email with your username and link to set a password. If not, you may follow these steps to access your account:

  • Click here to go to the portal
  • Click the “forgot password” link and enter your email address (the address this email was sent to)
  • Confirm preferred email address for password reset link
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to set a password

​​Please note: PAT Programs staff will no longer have access to participant passwords in the new system.

Keep in mind, individuals responsible for PAT activities across multiple organizations will receive multiple “password reset” emails and they must set a password for each user ID information they receive. PAT Programs staff has identified these individuals and assigned them a specific username for each organization they are affiliated with. While this is a notable change to the current system, ultimately this will allow greater control and management of the organization. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions​ page for additional information.

Data will begin to be collected in the new Data Portal within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for program-specific emails outlining the process for data entry in the coming weeks.


Please take time to ensure that you have saved a copy of all pertinent PAT Reports out of the respective data portal. Once the transition takes place, only reports that have been generated in the new system will be available for download.

Download locations (login required):

2018 Program Updates​


AIHA PAT Programs completed a Request for Proposal process for IHPAT sample generation. As a result, we will be moving to a new IHPAT subcontractor in 2018. RTI International has been selected as the new subcontractor for the generation of IHPAT Asbestos, Metals, Organic Solvents, Silica and Diffusive Samplers. 


The EMPAT subcontractor contract with Applied Environmental is ending at the end of 2017. AIHA PAT Programs will be taking full control of EMPAT sample procurement, data collection, and report generation. 

Both changes have allowed for lower costs to participants in 2018, when the changes become effective. 

AIHA PAT Programs wishes to thank Applied Environmental and SRI International for their many contributions to the IHPAT and EMPAT programs over the years.


You shared your concerns and we heard you. We are pleased to inform all ELPAT Dust participants that this matrix will be moving to Ghost Wipes starting with the first round in 2018 – Round 102.

Requests for​ Extension

In the past, AIHA PAT Programs has been able to grant participants pre-approved extensions of data submission after the published reporting deadline when circumstances such as equipment failure, power outages, staff availability, etc., prevented timely reporting.

This practice will end when the new data portal goes live. With this change, participants are encouraged to plan accordingly when performing analysis of AIHA PAT proficiency testing samples. 

Should an urgent issue arise that limits the ability to submit data by midnight, Eastern time, for the round close date identified on the Program Schedule, an excused absence may still be requested, if received by the published reporting deadline. 


Analyte class information has been posted for all IHPAT rounds in 2018. Check out the IHPAT homepage under Additional IHPAT Links!


The Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) Program is a performance evaluation program, sponsored by the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs (AIHA PAT Programs), for environmental microbiology laboratories. This program was developed for microbiology laboratories specializing in the analysis of microorganisms commonly detected in air, fluids and bulk samples collected from schools, offices, hospitals, industrial, agricultural, and other work environments. The AIHA PAT Programs' EMPAT Direct Exam program is targeted towards participants analyzing fungal spores by light microscopy. Participating in the Direct Exam program enables those primarily performing spore trap analysis to establish proficiency and improve performance in the microscopic analysis of environmental samples. The EMPAT program is open to all interested microbiology laboratories.


Scientists Offer​ Help to Labs Hit by Harvey​

By: Carolyn Y. Johnson, Washington Post

OSHA Publishes Interim Enforcement Guidance for Silica Construction Standard 

October 25, 2017, Synergist 


Must a laboratory analyze both fungi and bacteria to participate?

No. Upon enrollment in the EMPAT program, a participant can elect to participate in any combination of fungi, bacteria, or fungal direct exam. 


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  • 10/27/2017: BAPAT 112 Retest - Retest Opens
  • 10/30/2017: BePAT 45 - Round Opens
  • 10/31/2017: EMPAT Direct Exam 52 - Results Post
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