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September 2016 Newsletter


PAT Billi​ng

This year, there will be a slight change in AIHA PAT Programs’ billing cycle. In the past, program participants received their invoices in October. However, this year, the 2017 invoices will be arriving in November. In addition, organizations involved in multiple AIHA laboratory-based programs (Ac​creditation, Proficiency Testing, and Registry) will be receiving their invoices separately as opposed to simultaneously. We greatly appreciate all of our participants’ cooperation and timely invoice payment during these changes.  

Staffing Updat​es

AIHA PAT Programs is pleased to announce Angela Oler as the new Director of Operations. Ms. Oler brings a wealth of experience to the program. She has worked at AIHA for nearly 11 years and served as the Technical and Quality Manager of PAT Programs since 2013. Ms. Oler has filled the position opened after the retirement of Mary Ann Latko, who contributed greatly to the program as the Managing Director. Ms. Latko was instrumental in leading the charge for IHPAT and ELPAT accreditation as a proficiency testing provider and the AIHA PAT Programs team is grateful for her service and leadership.

Article published in a special section of the March Synergist.​

AIHA’s Ne​​​w CEO

The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) announced that its board of directors has appointed Lawrence “Larry” D. Sloan, CAE, as the new CEO, effective October 17, 2016 to lead the largest national association dedicated to protecting worker health. Sloan is currently President/CEO of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), the leading trade association serving the specialty chemical sector. He is a seasoned association professional known for his track record in passing national legislation and regulations, building coalitions with other trade groups, and introducing state-of-the-art products, services, and tools to benefit SOCMA members.

AIHA PAT​ Board Meeting

AIHA PAT Programs held their annual Board meeting April 7–8, 2016 at our offices in Falls Church, VA. The Board discussed issues such as expansion of our ISO 17043 accreditation, technology updates that are in-progress, federal rulemaking that may impact concentration ranges, quality and management systems, as well as plans for 2017. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Expanded Accredi​tation: BePAT, BAPAT and EMPAT

AIHA PAT Programs is working towards bringing BePAT, BAPAT and EMPAT under the scope of our ISO 17043 accreditation. PAT Programs is due for accreditation renewal in 2017 and expects to expand accreditation at that time. We look forward to sharing our success with you.

PAT Program Par​ticipant Satisfaction Survey

The AIHA PAT Programs Satisfaction Survey will be sent out in September. We ask that all of our participants please respond to this survey as we strive to provide the best service for our customers. We value the feedback our participants share and recognize we cannot make improvements without their help.

EMPAT Upd​ate

EMPAT Culture ​Samples

You may have noticed a change in the Organism Profiles section of your EMPAT Culture reports. We now include links directly to the source material pages to enhance traceability of the challenges. Strains are selected from reputable culture collections and pass quality control requirements during sample generation. However, upon receipt of the EMPAT Culture samples, it is the responsibility of the participant to inspect the shipment for any damage and to ensure that the correct samples were received. If samples are damaged, participants should notify AIHA PAT Programs within 24 hours of sample receipt to ensure timely replacement of samples so the participant can meet the deadline for submission of data. If received samples do not grow in a manner that is expected or perform poorly once plated, please let us know before the round closes! This information may aid the PAT Board during scoring review.

The AIHA PAT Board has determined that challenges in the EMPAT Culture program will contain contextual information starting with Round 61. This information will be similar to what would be received with a client sample.

EMPAT Culture Sur​vey

We want your feedback on the EMPAT Culture Program genus/species requirements! The EMPAT Culture Program survey is open to all current EMPAT participants and any individuals who are interested in providing specific feedback and input into the program as we work towards continuous improvement.

We currently provide the option to report both genus and species. We are interested to know how closely that matches the results you provide to clients, and how you use the EMPAT Culture program in your laboratory.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and may be accessed here.

Bulk Asbestos Stock Samples A​vailable

AIHA PAT Programs have been offering a Bulk Asbestos proficiency testing scheme for more than 25 years! The Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (BAPAT) is a proficiency testing program for laboratories analyzing bulk building materials by polarized light microscopy (PLM). We provide samples on a quarterly basis as a means by which a laboratory can evaluate its ability to characterize bulk materials both qualitatively and semi-quantitatively.  In addition to our quarterly rounds, we also offer stock samples from previous rounds for purchase. For more information visit the BAPAT FAQs.


The Industrial Hygiene Proficiency Analytical Testing (IHPAT) Program​ is designed to assist a laboratory improve its analytical performance by providing samples on a quarterly basis, evaluating the results, and providing a report on how well the laboratory performed. In the same way, the IHPAT Program also tests the analytical competence of participating occupational health laboratories. Not only is Iaboratory proficiency testing crucial to maintaining standards among laboratories, but it is required in order for laboratories to gain or maintain accreditation.


​​An Introduction ​to Laboratory Analysis and Quality Assurance

According to the latest data from the United States Geological Survey, domestic consumption of asbestos in the U.S. has fallen from a peak of more than 800,000 metric tons in 1973 to a little more than 350 metric tons in 2015. But the long latency of asbestos-related diseases ensures that the health consequences of asbestos will be with us for years to come. And despite the well-known risks of exposure, some 2 million metric tons of asbestos were produced worldwide in 2015. You can read the full article here. For more information on our Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing (BAPAT) Program click here.

​OSHA Plans to Issue RFI on Standard for 1-Bromopropane in August​

Have you heard? OSHA Plans to issue a request for information (RFI) to explore the need for permissible exposure limits for 1-Bromopropane this month. In response to this, the PAT Board is planning on adding 1-bromopropane to the suite of IHPAT Organics offerings in 2017. We want to make sure we are always proactive when it comes to proficiency testing policy! Learn more about this news here.​


What happens if my laboratory is non-proficient?

If your laboratory becomes non-proficient you may choose to purchase the retest PAT sample to attempt to regain a proficient status. The PAT sample retest results will replace the original results submitted by the laboratory and proficiency will be reevaluated based upon the PAT retest results. PAT retest samples may also be used to expedite initial proficiency for a new program or when adding an analyte to an existing program.  A retest sample order form is available on the AIHA PAT Programs website and is also available in the PAT Programs Fee Schedule.


  • BePAT 41 Retest - 9/12/2016 Retest Opens
  • EMPAT Culture 60 Retest - 9/12/2016 Retest Results Post
  • ELPAT 96 - 9/15/2016 Results Post
  • BAPAT 108 - 9/15/2016 Round Closes
  • EMPAT Culture 61 - 9/15/2016 Round Enrollment Due
  • EMPAT Direct Exam 48 - 9/15/2016 Round Enrollment Due
  • ELPAT 96 Retest - 9/27/2016 Retest Enrollment Due
  • IHPAT 206 Retest - 9/30/2016 Retest Closes
  • IHPAT Diffusive Sampler 206 Retest - 9/30/2016 Retest Closes
  • ELPAT Air 96 Retest - 9/30/2016 Retest Closes

View all upcoming dates here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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