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NEW PAT Portal - FAQs

Need to enter data or view recent reports? ----> CLICK HERE

BAPAT 114, BePAT 46, ELPAT 102, EMPAT Culture 65, EMPAT Direct Exam 53, IHPAT 212 and on.

CLICK HERE <---- To access old IHPAT, IHPAT Diffusive Sampler, ELPAT, or ELPAT Air Reports (prior to Round 212/102)

Old BA, Be, EM reports are no longer available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​How do I log in?

​An email, containing instructions on how to login with a provided username, ​was sent to all contacts with an email address on file. If you did not receive the email, please use the following:

  1. Navigate to the password recovery page
  2. Enter the email address AIHA PAT Programs has on file for you
  3. Confirm the email address
  4. Follow the instructions in the password reset email that is sent

If you're unsure of what email address we have on file, please contact us so we can assist you.

​I'm sure you have the correct email address on file. Why didn't I get an email?

Transitions can be challenging. We had to move all the contact data from our legacy system to the new PAT Portal and we may have missed something. Kindly attempt to follow the "How do I log in" instructions above. Additionally, make sure the email didn't get stuck in a spam/junk folder and that we are on your email Whitelist. If you are unsuccessful, please contact us so we can assist you.

Why are you doing this to me!?

Change is difficult - we know! The NEW PAT Portal will offer exciting new capabilities:
  • Convenient access - all your data entry and reports in one portal
  • Improved cyber security - only you know your password
  • Direct control of your individual profile - just log in and edit
  • Enhanced self-service – manage organization profile, enrollment, and invoices directly

What are program-specific roles?

This is the PAT Portal term for program contacts. Confirming this detail ensures we are sending the IHPAT samples to the IHPAT contact and the EMPAT samples to the EMPAT contact. You, the individual, now have the ability to manage your role information in the PAT Portal and don't have to go through AIHA PAT Staff for this type of change.  As always, please contact us if you need assistance with role updates.

I'm listed as an Admin and/or Billing role, what does this mean?

Admin and Billing roles have additional permissions. They can order retests, manage enrollment, and update address information online. You, the Admin and/or Billing contact, now have the ability to manage organizational information in the PAT Portal and don't have to go through AIHA PAT Staff for these types of changes. Please contact us if you need assistance with billing, enrollment, or organization managment. 

Updated: 5/1/2018 2:58 PM