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AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs



The primary mission of AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs is to assist participants in pursuing excellence in laboratory services through external quality control program assessment and to promote the practice of proficiency testing both nationally and internationally.



8/23/2017EMPAT Direct Exam 51 RetestResults Post
8/24/2017BAPAT 111 RetestResults Post
8/25/2017IHPAT 210 RetestRetest Enrollment Due
8/25/2017IHPAT Diffusive 210  RetestRetest Enrollment Due
8/30/2017BePAT 44 RetestRetest Enrollment Due
9/1/2017IHPAT 210 RetestRound Opens
9/1/2017IHPAT 211Round Enrollment Due
9/1/2017IHPAT Diffusive 210  RetestRetest Opens
9/6/2017EMPAT Culture 63 RetestRound Closes
9/13/2017EMPAT Culture 63 RetestResults Post
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