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You want to find a lab with proven analytical excellence, we want to help you find them.

Use the Directory to find a participating laboratory. PAT Reports are valid only for the location listed on the report.
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Round Sample Results
ContaminantContaminant tested by the laboratory
UnitUnit of Measure
ResultThe lab found this concentration
Ref. ValueTop performing labs found this concentration
Lower LimitLower end of the Acceptance Range
Upper LimitUpper end of the Acceptance Range
z-ScoreThe difference between the Result and the Ref. Value, divided by the standard deviation
RatingA = Acceptable
U = Unacceptable
E = Excused
Overall Proficiency Table
ContaminantContaminant tested by the laboratory
RoundProgram Round
Round ScoreEvaluation of the round data submitted
Round PerformancePass/Fail evaluation for the round (program specific)
Proficiency StatusRolling proficiency status based on three or four rounds (program specific)
PAT Programs has eight areas of focus, and each area may have one or many options. Use the information below in the Program field to refine your search.

BAPAT: Bulk Asbestos
BePAT: Beryllium
ELPAT: Lead on Dust Wipes, Lead in Paint, Lead in Soil
ELPAT Air: Lead in Air
EMPAT Culture: Bacteria, Fungi
EMPAT Direct Exam: Direct Exam
IHPAT: Asbestos (PCM), Metals, Organic Solvents, and Silica
IHPAT Diffusive Sampler: AT, SKC badge types

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