AIHA PAT Programs is pleased to announce the launch of a new proficiency testing (PT) program for elemental mercury analysis. This program is designed to assess the analytical capability of laboratories in analyzing mercury in air samples.

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can cause serious health problems, including neurological damage, respiratory problems, and kidney damage. It is important that laboratories are able to accurately analyze elemental mercury in air samples to ensure that workers are not exposed to unsafe levels of this hazardous substance.

Program Details

Suitable Methods:Round Composition:Concentration Range:
Modified Method (ICP-MS with Hydride Generator)
Modified Method (ICP-OES with Hydride Generator)
4 samples at different concentration levels on SKC 226-17-1A Solid Sorbent Tube
1 blank
4x/year ( 3 rounds in 2024)
0.1 µg to 1.2 µg

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Last Updated: 05/7/2024 02:36PM