OEHS Professionals: Do you routinely sample for airborne particulates using NIOSH 0500, NIOSH 0600, and NIOSH 5000? Make sure your laboratory partner values continuous improvement. Encourage them to enroll in our new program and be sure to Ask for a PAT Report to see their performance in the Particulates program.

Laboratories: Make sure you are up-to-date - enroll in the Airborne Particulates program by March 1 to receive the April and October samples for the year. The program streamlines the proficiency testing process by providing all the information needed to determine the net mass loading in mg and uses the same media (37-mm, 5-µm PVC filter) as the NIOSH 0500, NIOSH 0600, and NIOSH 5000 methods. The range of the program is 0.5-5 mg per filter, four filters will be sent per round, and the rounds will take place in April and October.

This is a non-destructive proficiency test. The verified and validated samples are yours to keep.

Rounds will run two times per year (April and October), in odd IHPAT Rounds (Schedule)
Samples per Round: 4, 37-mm, 5-µm PVC filters
Range of the Program: 0.5-5 mg per filter


For current PAT Program participants, you can start the enrollment process by visiting the PAT Portal and using the Annual Invoicing menu (starting mid-November until December 1) to add the program during the checkout process. Complete the checkout process to enroll (login is required to checkout). You may also use the Fee Schedule. If you need assistance with the enrollment process, the PAT Programs team is here the help. If you need any help with this step or are ready to enroll directly, let us know!

If you are not yet enrolled in a PAT Program, start with the Fee Schedule and follow the instructions for enrolling your location.

*Participants are invoiced through an auto-renewal billing system and are billed prior to the beginning of the year for the upcoming year’s annual fees, usually in November. Notice must be sent in writing to drop participation in any PAT program.

Last Updated: 09/6/2023 08:53AM