How laboratories protect YOUR safety—and how we help.

From mold to asbestos to lead-based paint, we all depend on a variety of professionals to help protect us from hazardous environments. And those professionals count on laboratories to test samples for them. That's why laboratories routinely undergo proficiency testing, to make sure they provide reliable, accurate data.

AIHA PAT Programs is the proficiency testing authority for laboratories and partners committed to excellence in laboratory services. We have nearly 50 years of experience in the field.

What is the PAT Report? When labs participate in PAT Programs’ proficiency testing, they receive a quarterly* PAT Report, tracking their performance and helping them hone their skills and services. Think of it as a report card.

Why the PAT Report matters to you. It is the most concise way for you to see how laboratories are protecting your community:

  • Well-performing laboratories are essential to our health and safety.
  • A PAT Report provides real-time reporting on a participating laboratories’ accuracy and reliability.
  • When working with an organization or safety professional that is collecting samples for potentially harmful hazards, ask for the PAT Report from the laboratory they work with.
  • Asking for the PAT Report gives you confidence that the laboratory is capable of protecting the health and safety of everyone in your community.

We’re here for you. PAT Programs and our PAT Reports help laboratories know they’re performing well. And that’s better for you, for workers, and our communities.

*BePAT, EMPAT Culture, and IHPAT Diffusive Sampler proficiency testing programs run less frequently than quarterly. Please visit the Programs page for additional information.

Last Updated: 01/18/2022 02:16PM