February 2, 2021

New Brand Identity, PAT Board Governance and Document Updates

AIHA PAT Programs Announces New Brand Identity

AIHA PAT Programs, the proficiency testing authority for laboratories specializing in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Analysis, unveiled its new brand identity on February 2, 2021. The rebranding includes a new logo, mission statement, vision, and updated website. Read the press release for more information.

PAT Board Governance Update

Due to the size, nature, and stability of the PAT Board, it has been decided that the PAT Board does not need Officer Roles or the Executive Committee formerly comprised of the officers. All references to officer roles and executive committee have been removed from PAT Board documents in the revisions posted February 2, 2021. Many of your peers have served in these roles over the years - too many to thank individually - but their combined contributions have been many. A sincere "Thank you!" to you all.
This governance change does not impact the overall operations of the PAT Board. If you are interested in learning more about PAT Board volunteer leadership, please see the Volunteer Leadership page for more information.

Updated Documents Posted

With the PAT Brand identity updates to the logo, colors, and font, the following documents have been updated and posted to www.aihapat.org.

Participation Policies

We have updated the Participation Policies to better match practice for sample receipt issues (2.1.3); submission of data in the Data Portal (2.1.5); and streamlined language in, 2.1.9, and 2.1.10.

PAT Board Documents
  • PAT Board Roster
  • PAT Board Member Duties and Responsibilities
  • AIHA PAT Board Confidentiality and COI
  • AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Board Governance
  • AIHA PAT Board Candidate Application
Fee Schedule
  • Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Participation Agreement
  • Retest Order Form
  • Stock Sample Order Form
  • Enrollment Forms
  • BAPAT Enrollment Forms
  • BePAT Enrollment Forms
  • ELPAT Enrollment Forms
  • EMPAT Enrollment Forms
  • IHPAT Enrollment Forms